Rewilding land one hoodie at a time 


What if every business started by asking "How can we make the world a better place?"

That was our starting point


Nature is essential to everything humans do and to our well-being, but every day we lose more species and with them the opportunity to inspire wonder, awe & hope. We want that back. 


We use 50% of our profits to buy land and we guarantee its protection as a wild space. We will use whatever means necessary to ensure its protection in perpetuity and pledge to never resell or profit from the land in any way.


We don’t look at our ledger to measure success. We look at the number of birds, butterflies and bugs that use the land we purchased. We look at the plants that grow there. We look at the animals who show up. We look at the people who are reconnecting with the natural world.

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New Two-tone Hoodie 

Warm, comfortable, practical, 95% cotton and made in Canada - and of course, 50% of profits go towards protecting wildlife.

We're a Rewilding  Company

50% of our profits go towards buying land & returning it back to nature

Nature doesn't waste.

Neither do we

Send your sweater back for 20% towards a new purchase

We want to help  reduce your Carbon Footprint 

Our hoodies come tied in twine as a reminder to hang your laundry to dry and lower your environmental impact. 

Athletic T-Shirts

We don't sell just t-shirts. We sell t-shirts that make a difference. 100% cotton and guaranteed to contribute to the protection of wildlife and all life.