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We’re a rewilding company

Rewilding means returning land to its natural state.
We’re in the business of biodiversity protection and promotion. We want to support life and the richness it brings to all of us. We want to protect what is really valuable now and for the future.
To do this, we step to the sidelines and wait for life to take root, to grow and to multiply.

50% of our profits go towards purchasing land to rewild

Giving back   together

While nature conservancies preserve large tracts of ecologically important wild spaces, we expand on that work by taking bits and pieces of land and returning them to nature.
This provides nature the room it needs to start building more connectivity, ensuring nature can move more freely - as it must to survive and thrive.
Rewilding is an inclusive cause that aims to bring humans and nature together in harmony. 

It means going forward with the progress we’ve made as humans and safeguarding that progress by acknowledging the fragility of ecosystems and how dependent we are on them. 

Our land will become sanctuaries for both humans and non-humans alike

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