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This Land is Your Land

Today we are making the most important announcement we’ve made yet. This isn’t about a new product - this is about what selling our products has allowed us to do. Some of you may have noticed the counter at the top of our website. That is where we will be tracking the acres of land protected by Robin Hoodies and today we are officially announcing the purchase of 43 acres of land.

Robin Hoodies purchased the land with the profits from the hoodies, soaps and t-shirts that we sell and then transferred it to Robin Hoodies Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which abides by the following statement of purpose:

To acquire lands to be held by the cooperation for the following purposes:

a) rewilding, protection, preservation, conservation of natural wildlife habitat and


b) creation of hiking and biking trails to allow people to enjoy wild spaces

c) to allow research into wildlife and wildlife habitat

d) to prohibit any commercial or residential land development or industrial exploitation

of the lands or any activities not compatible with the purposes set out in A) to C).

We are still at a point where individuals actions can make a difference. What we do today collectively and as individuals will decide whether the earth continues to be a place filled with natural wonder and teaming with a rich diversity of life and whether societies can flourish in peace. Small actions like allowing part of your lawn to revert to wild flowers or like buying a hoodie can make a real difference. Setting aside many small and large chunks of land gives wildlife a chance at longterm survival and that provides many benefits for humans. The more pieces we set aside, the better the connectivity to allow species to exchange genetic material and to roam to find the food and habitat they need.

This land now belongs to future generations of people, to black bears, to warblers, to butterflies, to pitcher plants, to bird watchers, and to anyone else who intends to use it for the purposes outlined in the statement of purpose of Robin Hoodies Foundation. We are really excited about this announcement and we thank you for making it possible.

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Made from excellent quality cotton for long life span to keep your style fresh. Recently, a similar beanie was launched with its name on Lil Peep’s site


Free earth is becoming biger and biger with Robin..we need it..Congratulations..


So happy to read about the recent purchase of 43 acres. Makes me happy to be a customer. I will be a return customer. Great product and such a great cause.


Larry Rhindress
Larry Rhindress
Sep 08, 2020

WOW!!! Congratulations!!! You make me proud to wear my hoodie!!! I will pay much more attention to robinhoodies!

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