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Six Month Milestone

We launched our rewilding business in January, about six months ago. We sell hoodies (and now soap) and 50% of the profits from those sales go towards acquiring land for wildlife. Our plan to give back to nature struck a chord with many people. People from across the country reached out to us and expressed their support for what we are doing. At the time of launching we had no idea that just two months later, the world was about to become radically different. The pandemic changed everything for everybody overnight and yet, some things didn’t change. People still understood that the crises in the natural world had not gone away and were no less threatening. Despite all that was going on in the world, we were encouraged by the growing awareness of the need to protect the natural world we all depend on for our survival. So now, six months after we started, there are a lot of hoodies out there and therefore, this seems like a good time to remind people of another important feature of our business.

We sell a very practical item of clothing. Everyone should own a hoodie. Like blue jeans, they are a wardrobe staple, but like bluejeans, they come at a cost to the environment. We are keenly aware of that cost since our whole “raison d’être” is to protect wildlife. This is why we will never sell an item of clothing that is not durable and practical. We will never sell something that is influenced by fleeting, fast-fashion trends of the season. The conspicuous consumption of the recent past has resulted in much damage to the environment. We need to find a new path forward, and the pandemic has ushered in an opportunity to forge that path. We believe that we can all live fulfilling lives while protecting the environment and that businesses that put nature at the centre of their thinking can contribute to a new sustainable economy and to a brighter future for everyone. We are strong proponents of the three principles of the circular economy:

-Design out waste and pollution

-Keep products and materials in use

-Regenerate natural systems

Therefore, at this six-month mark, we would like to remind our customers that they can send back their hoodie a year after purchase. If they want to keep it - great! But if it’s hanging forgotten in your closet, if it’s stained or damaged, if it’s too small or too big, send it back to us. We will give you 20% off your next order and pay the shipping on that order. We will then give your old hoodie a new life. This allows both you and us to lessen our footprint and to help build an economy that won’t destroy the future. And thank you for your continued support through ups and downs.

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