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Robin Hoodies Soaps and Shampoo

Robin Hoodies is based in an Acadian community in Southwest Nova Scotia. The Acadian people are descendants of French settlers who in the early 1600s arrived in this area where they lived in harmony with the Mi’kmaw People. The forest that once covered all the Maritimes and beyond is known as the Acadian Forest. Starting in 1755, the Acadians were dispersed mainly to the thirteen New England colonies because of war between the French and British. Unfortunately, today both the forest and the people are found only in a few places - like this one. Almost all the models featured on our website and social media pages are young Acadians.

In recognition of the forest and the people, we have named our new soaps and shampoo bar with the Acadian words for some of the trees and plants that make up the Acadian Forest. We have also added a line to each description that serves as a reminder of the pollution created by single-use plastic and of the fact that these soaps are a way of cutting back on that pollution.

BOULEAU (birch)

An all-natural organic shampoo bar that smells like almond marzipan. *(Guaranteed to not contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch).

HARICOT (hemlock)

An all-natural organic bar soap with hints of coconut and lime.

*(Guaranteed to not last 500 years in a landfill somewhere)

FETCHAQUE (scrub brush like alders )

An all-natural organic bar soap with hints of cappuccino.

*(Guaranteed to not fill the stomachs of whales and albatross chicks with mounds of plastic garbage)

PRUSSE (spruce)

An all-natural organic bar soap with notes of cardamon, pepper and rosemary.

*(Guaranteed to never wash ashore on a beach in some far away place).

VIOLON (larch)

An all-natural organic bar soap with floral and citrus notes.

*(Guaranteed to not break down into thousands of pieces of micro plastic)

TREMBLE (poplar)

An all-natural organic bar soap with hints of brown sugar.

*(Guaranteed to not strangle marine life)

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