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Robin Hoodies | Our Mission

We’re giving, not taking.

We sell apparel and other items and we use the profits from these sales to buy land. We

don’t keep the land we buy. We put it into a conservation trust and there it will stay. We

are giving land, not taking land.

We are giving it to anyone and everyone who would like to go watch a butterfly on an

Evening Primrose, to those who would like to know that Evening Primrose can grow

somewhere unbothered by the fact that some consider it a weed, and to anyone who

would like to think that there is one more piece of land that won’t be subjected to lawn

chemicals or lawnmowers or tree harvesters or glyphosate sprayers.

We are giving it to people who want to do something to increase the chances of survival

of the Yellow Banded Bumblebee or the Monarch butterfly or the Olive Sided Flycatcher

or any of the other life forms that are struggling to find room beside us, to people who

fear we are running out of nature, to people who understand that plants and animals

need room to grow and move, and to people who know that animals don’t crossroads -

roads cross forests.

We are giving it to the many people who care deeply about nature and about passing on

a beautiful legacy to future generations, to those who understand that a society grows

great when people plant trees under whose shade they shall never sit, to people who

understand that beauty is found in small things like wildflowers and that patience brings

its own reward, and to people who know that we do not inherit the earth from our

ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

We are giving it to people concerned about climate change, to people who understand

the importance of carbon sinks, to people who know that climate change combined with

habitat loss are exerting enormous pressure on wild plants and animals and humans,

and to people who need to be proactive in the face of anxiety and deep concern.

This is why we sell hoodies. We are building a common resource and a lasting legacy of

wild spaces and biodiversity. We have no desire to acquire land. We want to give it back

to its rightful owners.

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