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Bring Back the Birds

According to recent studies, populations of song birds have been crashing at alarming rates. North America has lost 3 billion song birds since 1970. People are understandably very upset by this news. Dr. Young of the University of California warns that “we’re overusing the world …” and Kevin Gaston, a biologist at the University of Exeter said that the loss of birds is a sign of something larger which he describes as the loss of nature.

This is all very disturbing news, but here at Robin Hoodies, we like to focus on solutions, and so here is our list of the top ten things you can do to help bring back the birds:

2. Plant for the birds (plant native flowers, shrubs and trees that the birds in your area


3. Don’t use pesticides or herbicides

4. Don’t clean your garden in the fall and consider not mowing at least part of your


5. Keep the cats inside and the dogs on leash.

8. Don’t disturb important habitat.

9. Support a conservation group, educate yourself and lobby your government to

protect all wildlife.

10. Support Robin Hoodies’ efforts to protect our future by purchasing a hoodie and

wearing it proudly.

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