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7 Reasons to Buy a Robin Hoodie Gift This Year

1. We’re losing nature. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Living Planet Report 2020 warns that there has been an average 68% decline in animal population sizes tracked over since 1970 and this is largely due to environmental destruction. The science publication explains that one of the most serious threats against biodiversity is habitat loss. And according to The Nature Conservancy of Canada, the best way to protect Canada’s endangered species is to stop habitat loss. The message from all scientific and environmental sources is unambiguous: to preserve biodiversity, we must protect and create wild spaces. Robin Hoodies is committed to preserving and restoring wild spaces to preserve biodiversity.

2. The rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has not stopped, despite the pandemic. According to the World Meteorological Association, we have breached the significant threshold of 410 parts per million carbon PPI. The last time carbon dioxide levels were this high was more than three million years ago. Carbon sinks like forests and wild spaces are our best hedge against climate change. Robin Hoodies is committed to restoring and protecting carbon sinks to counteract climate change.

3. Forests and wetlands capture and store water and this helps to mitigate floods in periods of heavy rain and ensures steady water flow during periods of drought. Droughts and floods are becoming increasingly common. Wetlands are also crucial for flora and fauna. Robin Hoodies is committed to restoring and protecting forests and wetlands to mitigate climate change and to protect wildlife.

4. Preserving habitat protects us from zoonotic diseases. When we disrupt ecosystems through forestry, agriculture, mining and development, we can cause viruses to jump from their natural hosts. These viruses then look for new hosts and since we are often in close proximity to the animals we have disturbed with our activities, we often become the new hosts. Robin Hoodies is committed to preserving spaces that will remain undisturbed and therefore allow wildlife to flourish undisturbed and allow humans to be safer.

5. No matter what the weather brings, we’ve got you’ve covered. We sell hoodies (one of the most practical pieces of clothing you can own), 100% cotton t-shirts to keep you cool or as an added layer beneath your hoodie, and 100% cotton toques - which make great stocking stuffers.

6. We believe in a circular economy. This means that when we take something from the earth we must make sure it is used completely and responsibly. This allows us to use fewer precious resources. We will soon launch our “send-back-your-hoodie” program which asks customers to send back a used hoodie in exchange for 20% off and free shipping on their next purchase.

7. We believe that giving back as much (or more) than you take should be how all businesses operate. 50% of our profits go towards the purchase of land that we protect legally as wild spaces for the plants and animals with whom we share the planet and for the health and well-being of future generations of humans.

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